Wednesday, 5 September 2012

English Class Review Issue #2

So far English class has been one of my favorite classes because of the atmosphere and the spirit of the class. So far in English class I have learnt countless things,  for example I have learnt new words such as metacognition and other words too. I really liked when we did the free-writing because I havent done a lot of free-writing in a long time but this activity also opened me up. At first I was stuck but once I got the hang of it I could not stop!. I personally adored when Mr. Raisdana compared the free-writing to the searching of gold, because I really felt that, that made sense to me.
 I enjoyed creating my blog because I had never owned a blog. When Mr. Raisdana talked about the blog idea I did not feel very excited because I thought that blogs were boring and not fun. But I soon realized that I was wrong and that a blog is one of the most interesting things on the internet, you can share ideas, talk about your life, and say all sorts of things!. I also really like the spirit of this English, you can always sense that there is a happy feeling that is going around the class.
I would really like this class to talk more, when we are on the table. Because, I think that it is good to speak out and share your ideas with your friends so they can expand on it or something.


  1. Great job Gaspard. You did a really good job, I like the way you mentioned that you liked the atmosphere and spirit of the class.

  2. Thanks Pierce for the compliment!

  3. I like your post, Gaspard. You mentioned a lot of things, which are all interesting. I definitely agree that the class should talk more!

    1. Adding a little to the conversation here. Listen guys, if you say that some says a lot of interesting things than be specific and give examples and also say why you agree.

  4. What is one strategy that you will use to help you speak up more? How can we help others?

  5. Why don't you give some examples about the "atmosphere" and the "spirit" in the class? Other than that, nice one!