Monday, 4 February 2013

Blogging is important part of English Class Issue #5

Im not quite sure about blogging, I'm not for or against it. I dont think that it is very important. I dont think that it's about the quantity of post's you have, but the quality. Something that I learnt from my father, if you take a look at my blog I have not done much. The reason is that I have never done blogging until now, blogging can be a useful tool at times. For example you can write about your day in English class, what you learned etc.., and later you can go back to that post and recap on the skill you learned. To be honest I will tend to go against blogging because I personally think it is a waste of time, you already share what you have done in class with your friends, talking about if it was boring or confusing. So why go write about it? I think some people are a bit shy about the whole "blogging" idea. To let anyone read your posts, if I had to write a blog post for homework I would do it. But if Mr. Raisdana said it was optional I would not do it as I said above. So to me blogging is not that important, but this is my opinion. Blogging is an idea that vaguely swims in the corners of my brain, with my not really taking note of it.

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