Monday, 25 February 2013

Understanding of "What is the What" Issue #6

So far I am pretty confortable with What is the What, I think that it is a well detailed book and very interesting. I really enjoy the parts when Valentino is talking about his time in Sudan and Ethiopia, but I tend to find that when he is talking about what he is doing in America is a bit boring as others may say. I think this because he really goes over every detail and sometimes talks about things that are not relevant to the topic. He really makes extends the story to a point that bores the reader, but on the other hand when he talks about his time in Africa is very interesting. I find it interesting because I have never been to Africa, and he really talks about the place very well. And his stories for example how Valentino's friend Moses talks about how he was abducted and made into a slave and had to go to an Arabic school. So this is what I think of What is the What so far. 

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